Mini Crank

If you’re a dedicated lure fisherman you can’t pass up the Ecooda Mini Crank. This lure is nailing some of the fattest, thickest, meanest species in the water. Not only are the colours insane, the zipping and darting action will pull the most elusive fish out of the shadows.

Ecooda Mini Crank has been created in two models. Mini Crank S dives from 1-3ft whilst Mini Crank M dives 3-6ft each with a length of only 38mm and a weight of 4 grams. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these lures aren’t tough… because they are tougher than most.

With extensive field-testing by multiple anglers the Ecooda Mini Crank has turned into the favourite go to lure for the boys doing the hard yards out on the water. With sponsored anglers using it as their first option whilst fishing the Hobie Tournaments we could almost tell you it’s a sure thing to keep one tucked into your tackle box.


Mini Crank

MODEL DEPTH Green Prawn Brown Prawn Whitebait Olive Shrimp Pearl Shrimp Pink Shrimp Red Shiraz Ghost Bait
Mini Crank S 1-3ft 6170 6172 6174 6176 6178 6180 6182 6184
Mini Crank M 3-6ft 6190 6192 6194 6196 6198 6200 6202 6204