Live Squid

There’s squid jigs and then there is the Live Squid. Live squid is not only a hard body squid jig its also a squid jig that is painted in a soft speckled paint finish that is as soft to touch as fabric.

Our ultraviolet colours are an added attractant to the Live squid as well as soft touch 10X superstretch legs that are also shrimp scent impregnated.

The range features 6 custom Australian designed colours to specifically target our squid in our waters.


Live Squid

MODEL LENGTH Brown Prawn Pink Glow Pearl Glow Fire Tiger Pilchard Olive Sparkle
Live Squid 3” 3” 6283 6284 6285 6286 6287 6288
Live Squid 3.5” 3.5” 6289 6290 6291 6292 6293 6294