Jerk Baits ultra realistic swimming action rolls on the retrieve to give off that ultimate vibration through the water. The magnetic long casting system allows you to launch your lure into the air with the added effect of the magnet pressuring it to cast further.

Ecooda’s lifelike digital finishes are irresistible to any predator combined with the vibrating noises and it appeals to all the senses of your target species.


Jerkbait – Walk the dog

MODEL LENGTH WEIGHT Pearl Shrimp Olive Shrimp Whitebait Pink Shrimp Red Shiraz Gold Peach Face Ghost Bait
Jerkbait 65 65mm 7 g 6210 6212 6214 6216 6218 6220 6222 6224
Jerkbait 85 85mm 10 g 6230 6232 6234 6236 6238 6240 6242 6244